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Meditation Experiences To Alleviate  Stress,  Relieve Anxiety, Boost Your Health, And Improve Your Sleep.

Are You Struggling To Live Your Best Life?

Imagine what it would be like to not have that knotted, tense feeling in your body, or that tension headache. Consider what you workday would be like without that anxious feeling because a deadline is quickly approaching. Imagine how much easier your life would be if you were able to get enough sleep each day, and your body was primed for ultimate health.


A Transformative Meditation Experience

Enjoy four sets of meditation experiences: 


Alleviate Stress


Relieve Anxiety


Perfect Health


Improved Sleep

Every experience is 7 days, and each experience includes a transformative teaching, a guided meditation, and a reflection.

Although we represent different backgrounds with our own unique approach,
we have joined together, as guides, because we care about YOU…

David Youngren

David is a bestselling author, an international speaker, and the founder and President of multiple organizations and charities.

Clint Sabom

Clint is an award-winning writer, life coach, and the Creative Director of Contemplative Light.

What’s Included with Peace?

Relieve Stress with David Youngren.

Day 1 - Gratefulness: In every situation, I give thanks

Day 2 - Love: Love is my deepest self

Day 3 - Peace: My body is at peace

Day 4 - Grace: My life is anchored in grace

Day 5 - Compassion: My heart is clothed with compassion

Day 6 - Happiness: Happiness is my strength

Day 7 - Presence: I bring Presence into everything I do

Relieve Anxiety with Clint Sabom

Day 1 - Attachments or Peace of Mind

Day 2 - Nothing Was Ever Your Fault

Day 3 - Breathing Through Body Parts

Day 4 - Breathing Slow Breaths

Day 5 - Allowing: Allow the worries to just be

Day 6 - Embracing the Now

Day 7 - Dissolving into emptiness

Better Sleep with Clint Sabom

Day 1 - The Paradise of Sleepland

Day 2 - A Dream Inside The Mind of God

Day 3 - Forgetting The Day’s Turmoil

Day 4 - Energy Ball Meditation

Day 5 - Be What You Are

Day 6 - Inner body presence, sinking down

Day 7 - Witnessing: beyond the waking world

Perfect Health with David Youngren

Day 1 - The Source of Health: I find health through love

Day 2 - Deactivate Stress: I release all tension and stress in my body

Day 3 - The Issues of The Heart: Health begins in my heart

Day 4 - Guiltless: My past is an illusion

Day 5 - Freedom From Shame: I am enough

Day 6 - Go with Peace: Through forgiveness, I enter into a state of peace

Day 7 - Food and Exercise: My body is sacred

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